The Giddy Guide for Teachers

A Toolkit

Giddy enables students to develop and extend important history skills crucial for success in GCSE History and beyond, and provides a valuable opportunity for them to engage with oral histories, film footage, photographs and original documents from local archives.

The Giddy Guide for Teachers offers ideas and tips for teachers using Giddy in a classroom setting. It highlights some of the key History concepts and skills that Giddy promotes, and presents some of the themes that will be encountered through Giddy.

The Giddy Guide supports teachers delivering aspects of the History curriculum. Alongside Giddy themes, and History processes, the toolkit suggests a range of enquiry based activities that can support the Giddy learning experience. Contextualising Giddy through these related themes and activities enables students to consolidate, and reflect on what they have learnt.

Download the Giddy Teachers Guide here in PDF format.